21-09-2016 Doranova globally transforming waste to profitable business

Doranova is a Finnish company that offers solutions for contaminated sites remediation and production of renewable energy. Doranova's first major project abroad is done in co-operation with Vietnamese Binh Duong Water Supply, Sewerage and Environment Company Ltd (Biwase). The companies will be utilizing landfill gas for energy production. Estimated project time is 14 months, produced electrical power will be 1MW, and the project investment is EUR 6 million.

"Finnish waste treatment technologies are popular around the world. We have been very satisfied with the waste treatment line solution provided by Finnish Ferroplan at the first stage of landfill renewal project and our employees have been happy to work with the Finns. We wanted to have a Finnish company also at this second stage of the project", tells Nguyen Thi Thu Van, Deputy General Director of Biwase.

Ms. Van is pleased to have Doranova as the chosen partner.

"Doranova's technology suits very well the operations, and I'm hoping that co-operation would continue also after this project."

Reference facility in Vietnam facilitating business

Doranova has two main business areas: remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater and production of renewable energy focusing on biogas and landfill gas projects. The operation market is mainly in Finland, but renewable energy projects abroad are becoming more and more important. The company is seeking growth from Asia and Africa.

Mikko Saalasti, Division Manager of Doranova, tells that the project with Biwase is really important for Doranova.

"It will be extremely beneficial for us to have a reference facility in Vietnam. It will be much easier to demonstrate our solutions at the market than inviting customers to Finland", Mr. Saalasti rejoices.

Doranova has 14 employees at the moment. All of them are situated in Finland. Thanks to the Biwase-Doranova project and the reference facility, Saalasti believes that opening a new office in Vietnam might be possible in the near future.

Assistance from Team Finland

Finnish and Vietnamese governments have been involved in the project. Doranova-Biwase co-operation project is financed with concessional credits. Mikko Saalasti sees Finnish government's support, prestige services and financial aid, as an important factor in international competition.

"We compete against companies coming from countries in which government heavily supports development co-operation. We see that it is essential that Finland can do the same".

Saalasti is pleased with the business partnership support Doranova has received from Finnpartnership for exploration of business possibilities in Asia and Africa.

Saalasti gives credits also to Waste-to-Energy and bioenergy growth program (W2EB). The Team Finland growth program, managed by Finpro, produces market surveys, arranges fact-finding and delegation trips and buyer meetings, delivers materials of Finnish joint offering, arranges trainings and seminars, and in overall helps to get visibility and save time and expenses.

"We are happy to be able to participate at joint Finland stands at bioeconomy fairs. This way we receive visibility we could never get by having a booth alone. Also the time we are able to save, thanks to W2EB for taking care of arrangements, is really valuable for us."