30-10-2017 Green, cool and intelligent living from Finland Finland takes Scandinavian design to the new dimensions in its sustainable buildings. Finland’s advanced infrastructure, combined with a harsh climate and lack of fossil fuel, has helped Finnish companies create a wide variety of next generation building materials and technologies, some of which are now showcased at Building Green 2017 in Copenhagen.

Today, the smart industrial utilization of wood-based biomass is seen in the form of high added-value products such as textiles, construction, insulation and interior materials for sustainable design and building.  Finnish innovations in the industry are exciting new technologies and products using fibre-based applications in construction or for finishing indoor surfaces. 

Examples include sprayed acoustical coating that improves acoustics by reducing reverberation, lightweight fibre-based wall panels that can be customized with unique patterns and washbasins made out of ecological solid wood-composite. 

“One of our key strengths is combining our world-class proficiency in biomaterials with top-rate design know-how. This way we can create new sustainable products with high-quality design,” says Pia Qvintus, Program Director at Finpro.

Smarter buildings to tackle climate change

Globally, buildings produce a major share of CO2 emissions. Thus, addressing climate change should also be emphasized in the built environment. Ultimately, smarter buildings have the potential to be one of the main game changers in tackling climate change.

“Challenges in construction and living need world-class solutions,” says Petri Lintumäki, Program Manager at Finpro. “We know this perfectly well in Finland. Finnish companies have a comprehensive offering for supporting energy efficiency and lower life cycle costs with high comfort.”

Get to know the green, cool and intelligent Finnish offering at Building Green 2017. Visit us at booth 118 .

Showcased companies:


Lumir has developed a new and straightforward way to improve indoor acoustics with biofibre based solutions. Sprayed Lumir acoustical coating can be used to produce seamless sound absorbing surfaces. It is suitable for both new builds and restoration projects. Tough, durable and fireproof – Lumir contains no harmful glass fibers or VOCs. www.lumir.fi 


Wall+ designs and produces 100% biobased wall tiles for construction and furnishing. Wall+ solutions are made of natural fibres and they are customized and recyclable. Wood composite, advanced molding technique and unique production system together allow unlimited possibilities to make designs no other manufacturers can do. CompoFIBER makes Wall+ 3-6 times lighter than competing tiles. www.wallplus.fi 


Woodio Oy is a Finnish material development and design start-up company founded in 2016. Company has commercialised a new kind of proprietary solid wood composite material. The material is unique as it is completely water-proof, cast mouldable and yet it looks like wood. This enables cost efficient mass production of wooden washbasins and other hydrosanitary products as well as tiles and wall panels. The material is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. www.woodio.com


Itula Oy is a Finnish family company specialized in environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems that enhance energy efficiency. Itula is a leading supplier of radiant heating and cooling systems in Finland. ItuGraf is the new generation water circulated radiant heating and cooling panel. ItuGraf is the green technology solution that saves energy, provides excellent indoor air climate control and supports architectural flexibility. ItuGraf panels are made in Finland with highest quality standards. www.itula.fi


SmartWatcher is a Finnish start-up company that has developed unique professional quality service to monitor indoor air quality 24/7. Our service can ensure healthy living and working conditions for all people. The IoT service consists of two elements, the Multisensor that monitors the air quality in real time and the cloud-based service where the measured results are visible. It is also possible to program alarms to the service when conditions are not at the acceptable level. In addition to our Multisensor we provide real time pressure difference data with our wireless sensor. www.smartwatcher.fi 

Nuuka Solutions

Nuuka’s Connect & Create Solution makes buildings a great place to work and live in, become more sustainable and more productive. Nuuka is a leading building big data analytics solution provider headquartered in Finland. Our SaaS based software consolidates existing building big data into one single user interface and helps building owners and users not only report but also analyze and understand the core reasons behind energy efficiency, good indoor air and sustainability. Nuuka empowers the users and brings building big data into the hands of building users and owners, enabling better building management and increased property value. www.nuukasolutions.com

More information:

Pia Qvintus, Program Director, Innovative Bioproducts, Finpro
email. pia.qvintus@finpro.fi tel. +358 50 563 4129

Petri Lintumäki, Program Manager, High Performance Buildings, Finpro
email. petri.lintumaki@finpro.fi tel. +358 40 343 329

Hetta Huittinen, Communications Manager, Finpro
email. hetta.huittinen@finpro.fi tel. +358 40 033 9597

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