The industrial exploitation of wood-based biomass is in transformation. In addition to traditional forest products - mechanical wood products and pulp and paper - wood will be more and more used in new added value products.  

Today mechanical wood industry and pulp and paper industry cover more than 30% of the global bioeconomy turnover, when food industry is not included. The share of textile industry and bioplastics and biobased composites is below 10% for each but they are expected to grow in the future. In Finland there are already a few new SME companies producing advanced biomaterials like Paptic’s fiber based replacement for plastic bags, Spinnova’s and Infinited Fiber company’s textile fibers produced from pulp, Lumir’s fiber based blowable acoustic insulation materials and Swanheart Design’s fiber based composite wall panels. 

Building with wood strengthens the competence of wood products industry and secures the raw material supply for biorefineries. Manufacturing of textiles and other new fiber products from wood (including demo-platforms) means radical renewal of wood value chain addressing the needs of ecological consumers and bringing  added value to wood based materials