ÅF-Consult Ltd.

ÅF Consult Ltd. is an independent consulting and engineering company. We have been involved in design and implementation of over 3 Mt/a WtE and 700 MWe biomass based power plants during the last 10 years.

We are leading provider of consultancy, engineering and project management services for WtE and Biomass based power plant projects in Scandinavia.

We operate globally and with a one stop shop approach with our extensive partner network.

Esko Jäälinoja

+358 10 574 4000

Air D

Air D provides ventilation heads that are intelligent in many ways. They detect air quality and quantity facts such as humidy and CO2 and help you to create savings in energy and expenses. Besides,  the tailor-made vent covers provide optimal air quality and fit to the interior without compromising the aesthetic nor the energy efficiency.
Leena Salmi


Arbonaut provides highly tailored service and product solutions for timberland inventory. Many of the world's largest timber owners rely on Arbonaut's ArboLiDAR remote sensing technology for effective, efficient timberland management.

Vesa Leppänen


Ariterm is a Finnish manufacturer of bioheating systems. Our main products are bio boilers used for heat production, bio burners and bio heating system solutions.

Modern bio heating is an easy and affordable way to take care of heating. The bio heating solutions developed and manufactured by Ariterm Oy provide an efficient and reliable way of benefiting from different kinds of biofuels.

Kimmo Kantalainen

+358 400 541 721

Aurelia Turbines

Aurelia Turbines manufacturers the most efficient small gas turbines in the world. The turbines have an electrical output of 400 kW and efficiency even above 40%. The turbines are optimized to industrial CHP solutions. The pedigree of this technology has been established over 30 years of Research and Development in high speed technology and fluid dynamics in Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland.

Matti Malmamäki


Betulium provides renewable, biodegradable and high-performance water-based cellulose materials to replace or supplement synthetic organic polymers in a vast number of industrial applications. The company manages versatile production premises and application laboratories and currently employs cutting-edge professionals in the field of material science with valuable experience in entrepreneurship, business development and international business.
Marko Lauraeus

+358 45 673 4159

Biofire Oy

Biofire Oy manufactures and supplies highly robust and long-lasting heating systems and heating plants, which use solid biomass as fuel. Its Palokärki products are designed for demanding North European conditions.

More than 30 years of experience in biomass burning and heating plant business. This ensures that Biofire Oy products and services use best technological know-how.

Taisto Suutari

+358 40 4130 302


BioGTS provides a scalable biorefinery solution that is based on patented biogas and biodiesel technologies and is designed for the treatment of organic biodegradable waste from municipalities, industries and agriculture. BioGTS has developed groundbreaking technologies that enable treating materials that are difficult to treat in traditional biogas processes. BioGTS® biodiesel and biogas plants are cost-efficient investments for converting the waste into renewable energy, vehicle biofuels, fertilizers and chemicals.
Heidi Helander

+358 (0)50 4525 084


Biosafe Biological Safety Solutions offers biotechnological laboratory analyses to assure the safety of products made from different materials. It provides testing for food contact materials, such as paper, board, plastics, polymers and metals as well as other materials such as textiles, nano- and biomaterials. Analyses provide reliable information on whether significant amounts of harmful substances are released from the packaging material when in contact with food products. The results examined in a way corresponding with the actual also present any possible interactions of different substances. Samples can be produced and everyday exposure of users or consumers.

Minna Kärkkänen

+358 40 017 5112

BMH Technology

The TYRANNOSAURUS® Waste Process by BMH Technology means the smartest Waste-to-Fuel plant. The Tyrannosaurus-produced Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is cheap, clean, standardized fuel, consisting mainly of plastic film, cardboard and textiles. The high calorific value and low fossil CO2 emissions make it ideal to replace fossil fuels in power boilers and energy-intensive industries like the cement industry. With over 60 years of experience in the field, we are the leading supplier of turnkey SRF and biomass handling plants for energy generation. From BMH Technology you can have it all; from raw waste & untreated biomass to ready fuel in flames.

Timo Suistio


CHOICE Finland

CHOICE Finland develops innovative, high quality natural skin care line loved by the consumers. All products are 100% clean and natural, no harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances. CHOICE Finland’s innovative product design respects the values of the nature, from the product itself to the packaging choices. 

Maija Aallas

+358 400 658470


Citec provides multi-discipline engineering and information management services to the Energy and Power industry, and other technology-dependent industries. We help our customers deliver sustainable solutions that supply the society with the energy it needs. In total, we deliver close to 300 different services within engineering and information solutions, many of them high-end services in today’s and the future energy and power sector. 

Martin Strand

+358 (0)6 3240 700


CrisolteQ utilizes valuable ingredients from the lateral flows of metallurgical and chemical industries and recovers these into value added products. CrisolteQ is currently the only operator in the Nordic countries developing this type of comprehensive reclamation service offering to industrial companies.

Kenneth Ekman

+358 40 748 1829

Cross Wrap Oy

Cross Wrap Ltd is a family-owned business that builds and installs stretch film bale wrappers to pack various waste materials and recyclables for transport and storage. The Cross Wrap product range also includes bale openers and dewiring machines that open up the bales when the materials need to be utilized. In addition to waste and recyclables, Cross Wrap operates in packaging wood based boards. The original cross wrapping method is patented globally and other patents for new innovations have followed.
Kalle Kivelä

+358 17 287 0270


Doranova has two business lines, Renewable energies and Soil remediation. The Renewable energies sector concentrates on turn-key deliveries of biogas and landfill gas power plants that produce both electricity and heat. The Soil remediation sector is a well-known developer of advanced in-situ soil remediation techniques and is thus one of the leading service providers in the Nordics. 
Mikko Saalasti

+358 3 3143 1111


Ductor Corporation is a company with a unique portfolio of proprietary and patented technology to improve waste management, energy and food production.

Ductor technology is ready to be integrated into biogas production. Ductor’s innovation serves biogas production for nitrogen control and process stabilization. Our process enables the increased utilization of cheap sustainable feedstocks.
Joonas Kettunen

+358 10 320 6560


DUSTCOMB offers engineering and consulting related to the processing and refining of fuel wood. Solutions include crushing, drying, screening, grinding, etc.

DUSTCOMB’s solutions ensure maximum fuel efficiency, lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, improved power plant operation reliability and increased storability of the biofuel.

Henri Lohilahti

+358 40 744 5707


ECOMOND is a software company specialized in electronic task management and optimization software TCOS – Logistics Control

TCOS is a modern non-industry specific solution for managing operations in various businesses from waste management to healthcare and from services to logistics. The solution is made for handling the whole task management chain with large number of transactions and can be integrated to almost any other software like financial, ERP, HR etc.

Matti Tuukkanen

+358 44 766 5000

Eera Waste Refining

A serial utility business with a high growth potential by establishing, running and trading (BOOT) Waste-to-Energy facilities mainly outside the OECD.

The Eera Waste Refining concept includes three major innovations:

  • The Bridgehead Model, which secures systemic demand and supply as well as builds cooperation in target countries
  • A potential dominant design in waste management
  • An advanced operations and maintance model


Mikko Kantero

+358 (0)9 2527 7000


Efirec provides renewable energy and energy efficiency services and solutions.

Our solutions provide economic and ecological energy from a local source, district heating (300 kW - 10 000 kW) as well as electrical energy for larger buildings and industry.

Ulla Sainio