Innovative Bioproducts takes part in Team Finland Visit to Germany on December

Berlin is a bioeconomy pioneer and also Germany’s startup capital with a successful infrastructure for funding and financing. Long before European "Bioeconomy 2030 National Research Strategy " was announced, Berlin allocated €2.4 billion to fund bioeconomy R&D. This laid the foundations for a change both in society and in the industrial sector based on the use of biological resources.

The program includes:
- meetings with the high-level representatives of German ministries
- representatives of other public organizations related to bioeconomy, open innovation, etc.
- meetings with potential local customers   
- investors and representatives of industrial VC funds.

Date: 12.12.2016 08:00 - 14.12.2016 18:00

Bio Based Live Europe 31.5.-1.6.2017

Innovative Bioproducts Finland presents world-class biobased solutions in the Bio Based Live Europe. Visit our booth to familiarize with Finnish know-how in fiber-based products, organic formulations for healthcare and circular economy. 



Date: 31.05.2017 12:00 - 01.06.2017 18:00

Mexico - Team Finland delegation

Mexico is the 12th largest economy of the world.Travel to Mexico with Mr. Markku Keinänen, Under-Secretary of State for External Economic Relations, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and discover the business opportunities Mexico has to offer.

Mexico is one of the main foreign direct investment (FDI) destinations in the Americas and Mexico forms part of OECD, G20 (group of 20 major economies) and G5 (5 largest emerging economies).

Compared to other emerging economies, Mexico is amongst the most open and well-functioning. Mexico has a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union and is a strategic partner with the EU.

More than 35 subsidiaries of Finnish companies and over 70 companies have a representative in Mexico. Interest towards the Mexican market has increased steadily.  Program of the visit is focused on:

  • waste to energy
  • energy
  • environmental technologies and
  • ICT

due to the large investment projects in these sectors and their potential to Finnish companies.

Interested? Register by 30 June and read more about the detailed practical information, costs involved and the program here.

Date: 25.09.2017 12:00 - 29.09.2017 18:00

Luxepack Monaco

Smart and functional packaging solutions from Finland are present in Luxepack Monaco fair.


Date: 02.10.2017 12:00 - 04.10.2017 18:00

Canada - Team Finland delegation
Team Finland ministerial delegation will head to Canada in mid-October. The delegation visit will focus on promoting Finnish expertise in the bioenergy sector, especially the companies working with themes such as biomass value chain, biomass to energy and off-grid solutions.
Date: 10.10.2017 12:00 - 12.10.2017 18:00

Green, Cool and Intelligent Finland at Building Green on 1.-2.11.2017 at booth 118!

Today the smart industrial utilization of wood-based biomass offers high added value products like textiles, construction, insulation and interior materials for sustainable design and building. Green building solutions for existing and new buildings and their initial surroundings save in overall lifespan costs and enhance livability. We are at Green Build for the sake of favorable and healthy working and living environment.


Happy to present:



Nuuka Solutions





Read more about the Finnish know how on innovative bioproducts and high performace buildings

Date: 01.11.2017 12:00 - 02.11.2017 18:00

Finland to exhibit innovative bio-based ingredients from pure Finnish nature at in-cosmetics Global 2018 in Amsterdam

Natural ingredients are becoming more prevalent in modern cosmetic formulations due to consumer concerns about synthetic ingredients and chemical substances. Pure Finnish nature offers innovative bio-based ingredients for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries globally. Finnish offering is showcased at in-cosmetics Global 2018 fair, April 17-19, 2018 in Amsterdam.

Finland is one of the world's most heavily forested counties, and clean nature has always formed the basis of the Finnish way of life. With a unique relationship with nature, technology expertise and innovation driven society, developing innovative bio-based ingredients comes naturally to Finns.

Ingredients from pure northern nature
The source of Finnish extracts and ingredients is pure Finnish nature. Clean air, soil and water produce pure flora. Plants and especially berries thrive in the Finnish landscape dominated by forests and lakes. The unique, harsh, northern climate with short but intense summers with long days full of sunlight produce raw materials with a concentration of nutritious elements and flavonoids. Sub-zero winters alternating with warm summers means that wood grows slowly and develops high-quality biomass.

Vast know-how in refining natural resources
Finnish bio-based companies have excellence in wood and plant extracts, resin formulations and wood-based polymeric oils. University-level scientific research, dense cooperation with research institutes and comprehensive R&D lay the foundations for the know-how in utilizing organic raw materials.

“Thanks to large-scale operators in the pulp and paper industry, the bioeconomy has a long tradition in Finland. We have close co-operation between research and industry. Currently, there are a number of Finnish companies that represent innovative, first-rate competence in producing natural cosmetic ingredients. These companies are top-notch in refining natural resources,” tells Pia Qvintus, Program Manager for Innovative Bioproducts Finland, a national internationalization program for companies with novel bio-based products.

Finnish extracts can be applied as organic raw materials in various cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The production does not require any chemicals and most extracts are eco-certified. Clean Finnish water is being used in the production process.

Where to find us at in-cosmetics

Finnish bio-based companies have a joint stand: K320, Innovative Bioproducts Finland

The companies will be presenting their offering during the whole event, April 17-19, 2018 in Amsterdam. 

Welcome to familiarize yourself with bio-based ingredients and products.  

Exhibiting companies:

NAVITER - Pharmacy cosmetics from Finnish organic oat and bilberries
Atopik is a line of pharmacy cosmetics for sensitive skin. Carefully selected raw materials including Finnish organic oat and bilberry form the basis of our products. These active ingredients together with skin identical prebiotics and hyaluronic acid support the natural functions of the skin. Atopik products can be used to reduce dryness in skin and enhance its natural softness and protection.

The line includes products for both body and facial skin care and is completely gluten free and vegan. Atopik has experienced rapid growth in the Finnish market, and is now looking to expand internationally through distributors.

INNOMOST - Ingredients with high ethical values
Innomost develops, manufactures and sells Finnish nature based ingredients to cosmetic applications. Current portfolio covers wood based polymeric oils, rheology modifiers, black pigment and active ingredients. Innomost introduces usnic acid from Finnish forest as a new active ingredient.

REPOLAR - Wound and skin care products based on natural spruce extract
Repolar researches, develops and produces wound and skin care products for both human and animal healthcare. The company’s products are based on the active components of Norway spruce resin using the Resol technology developed by Repolar.

Norway spruce (Spicea abies) resin is a complex composition of naturally active components with a unique three-fold effect: a strongly bactericidic and fungicidic impact, anti-inflammatory properties, and properties that enhance wound healing. Repolar is ISO13485:2003 certified.

VTT - Natural multifunctional ingredients from arctic plants and berry cell cultures
VTT is the biggest multidisciplinary R&D company in Northern Europe. VTT is developing new technology and science-based innovations for its global clients from industry and academia. Our long-lasting berry research is based on:

• Long expertise on unique arctic berry species since 1990´s
• Our novel technology innovations
• Our strong science-based experience of antimicrobial berry compounds and cell culture technology

For further information, please contact:
Pia Qvintus, Program Manager Innovative Bioproducts Finland, Business Finland +358 50 563 4129,

More information:
Innovative Bioproducts Finland is a national internationalization program for companies with novel bio-based products managed by Business Finland. Business Finland is the Finnish innovation funding, trade, investment, and travel promotion organization, headquartered in Helsinki. Business Finland is fully owned by the Finnish Government employing some 600 experts in 40 offices globally and in 20 regional offices around Finland. Business Finland is part of the Team Finland network.

Date: 16.04.2018 12:00 - 19.04.2018 18:00