Air D

Air D provides ventilation heads that are intelligent in many ways. They detect air quality and quantity facts such as humidy and CO2 and help you to create savings in energy and expenses. Besides,  the tailor-made vent covers provide optimal air quality and fit to the interior without compromising the aesthetic nor the energy efficiency.
Leena Salmi


Fourdeg is a heating services provider for buildings and district heating networks. Services to improve the indoor comfort and save heating energy by lower consumption and Demand-side Management. Service operates electronic wireless Radiator Thermostats in central and district heated buildings.
Jarkko Saunamäki


HeadPower provides European cloud services for infrastructure network companies. Our digital product range consists of applications and insructions that facilitate and enhance network operators, network designers, contractors and equipment suppliers daily work.
Timo Mutila


Itula’s ItuGraf second generation Radiant Heating and Cooling Panel is the green technology solution that saves energy, provides excellent indoor air climate control and architectural flexibility. ItuGraf can be used in all kind of buildings.

Hannu Janhunen


KL-Lämpö offers comprehensive water treatment products and services for new and renovated buildings aiming at ensuring energy-efficient, economical and smooth operation of heat transfer systems. The company provides the building sector with chemical products, first cleanings, first fill ups, analytical services as well as maintenance and repair services.


Antti Nygren


Leanheat develops energy efficiency solutions utilizing IoT and Artificial Intelligence.  Leanheat’s Artificial Intelligence works in collaboration with district heating companies. Smart control with dynamic pricing signals makes district heat production much more ecological. Typically Leanheat saves 5-20% in building’s heating costs.
Vesa Jaakkola

Lumon International

Lumon International offers value-added balconies for developers’ end-customers. The balconies, glass terraces and shades are modern, and they both reduce noice as well as save energy.

Jari Miettinen

Nuuka Solutions

Nuuka Solutions develops Nuuka SaaS service, a building process and operational data management platform to improve energy efficiency, indoor air condition, sustainability and maintenance processes. The company has strong expertise in energy-efficiency solutions for buildings, modern business intelligence and reporting systems, as well as building automation and telecommunication solutions.

Olli Parkkonen

Opti Automation

Opti Automation offers OptiWatti, smart energy management software. OptiWatti can be used to manage and optimize room-level electric heating, air-heat-pumps and water boilers.
Jyri Seppä