30-08-2017 MetGen partners up in the US for new bioproducts MetGen and Sweetwater Energy want to develop renewable and affordable lingin-based products for a range of industries.
Finnish pioneer in industrial enzymes MetGen has signed a joint technology development agreement with the US-based renewable biochemical producer Sweetwater Energy. 

Read more from Good News from Finland website.

11-07-2017 Fibria invests in Spinnova scale-up

Fibria, a Brazilian forestry company and the world’s leading producer of eucalyptus pulp from planted forests, has signed an agreement to acquire a minority interest in Finnish-based Spinnova and partner in the development, production and marketing of new materials using its technologies.

16-06-2017 Tomorrow’s bio-products are made in Finland





The Finnish forest has proved to be an incredibly versatile source of raw material for new bio-products ranging from health care to construction, and everything in between.

Read the whole story about tomorrow's bio-products in Bio-based World News website.

05-06-2017 Paptic bags a prize in Amsterdam Finnish startup Paptic has received the Bio-Based Product of the Year 2017 award at the Bio-Based Live event in the Netherlands.

21-04-2017 New investment and strategic partnership for Naava

Delos™, a wellness real estate and technology firm, today announces a strategic investment and partnership with Naava, a Finnish health technology firm that specializes in the development of smart active green walls. Building upon over 1,000 smart green wall installations throughout the Nordics, one of the first installations of Naava products within the United States will be at Delos’ new Manhattan office at 860 Washington Street in the Meatpacking District, which will feature 24 green walls throughout the 21,000 square-foot space. 

Read more about Naava and Delos' strategic partnership.

18-04-2017 MetGen’s biotech innovation fuels change
Finnish company MetGen has invented a revolutionary chemo-enzymatic pathway that boosts the efficiency and economics of renewable chemicals production. See more: http://www.goodnewsfinland.com/metgen-s-bio-innovation-fuel-change/ 

31-03-2017 Pure and natural, organic Finnish bio-based ingredients for cosmetics introduced at in- cosmetics Global 2017 in London Natural ingredients are becoming more prevalent in modern cosmetics as consumer concerns about synthetic ingredients and chemical substances increase. The pure Finnish nature offers innovative bio-based ingredients for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries globally. The Finnish offering is showcased at in- cosmetics Global 2017 fair, April 4-6, 2017 in London. 


Finnish bio-based extracts and ingredients can be used as organic raw materials in various cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The production does not require any chemicals and most extracts are eco-certified. Clean Finnish water is used throughout the process.

The source of these natural extracts and ingredients is pure Finnish flora which stem from clean air, soil and water. Plants and especially berries thrive in the Finnish landscape dominated by forests and lakes. The unique, harsh, northern climate with short but intense summers with long days full of sunlight produce raw materials with a concentration of nutritious elements and flavonoids. Sub-zero winters alternating with warm summers means that wood grows slowly and develops high-quality biomass.

Vast expertise in refining natural resources

New innovative companies in the Finnish bio-based industry have proven excellence in wood and plant extracts, resin formulations and wood-based polymeric oils. University-level scientific research, intensive cooperation with research institutes and comprehensive R&D provide a strong foundation for the Finnish knowhow in utilizing organic raw materials.

“Because of the long history of the Finnish forest industry, bioeconomic innovations have a long tradition in Finland. We have close cooperation between research institutes and industry. Currently, a number of Finnish companies are skilled in producing natural ingredients for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare applications. These companies represent innovative, first-rate competence in refining natural resources,” says Pia Qvintus, Program Director for Innovative Bioproducts Finland, a national internationalization program for companies with novel bio-based products.

Finland is one of the world's most forested countries, and clean nature has always formed the basis of the Finnish way of life. According to the 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index, Finland is the 5th most innovative nation in the world. Thanks to a unique relationship with nature, technology expertise and an innovation-driven society, developing innovative bio-based ingredients comes naturally to Finns.

Where to find us at in-cosmetics

Finnish bio-based companies have a joint stand: EE71, Innovative Bioproducts Finland.

The companies will be presenting their offering during the whole event, April 4-6, 2017 at ExCel London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL.

Meet the companies at stand EE71 and find out more about pure Finnish bio-based ingredients and products.

Exhibiting companies

NAVITER - Natural berry extracts for skin and hair care

Naviter develops and manufactures innovative skincare and haircare products, with a special focus on products for professional use. Our products are designed for sensitive and problematic skin. Naviter cosmetics are made with clean Nordic ingredients with sustainability as a top priority.

Naviter produces natural berry extracts for cosmetics and healthcare. We provide safe natural components from organic Finnish berries with stem cell technologies.

FOREST OF LAPLAND - Arctic berry, plant and wood extracts

Forest of Lapland is a producer of standardized herbal extracts and natural active substances for the pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetic industries. The extracts are antibacterial and rich in both antioxidants and flavonoids.

Forest of Lapland uses Pressurized Hot Water Extraction (PHWE) technology. The extraction is performed without chemicals. We have research cooperation contracts with several universities and national research institutes.

INNOMOST - Wood-based polymeric oils and active ingredients for cosmetic applications.

Innomost develops, produces and sells wood-based high added value polymeric oils and active ingredients for cosmetic applications. Ultimately, biodegradable sustainable products from pine and birch are just a starting point for the huge innovation potential of this agile company. For Innomost’s CEO and founder Dr. Sami Selkälä, the driving force is a strong expertise in organic chemistry combined with a passion for Finnish nature.

REPOLAR - Wound and skin care products based on natural Spruce extract

Repolar researches, develops and produces wound and skin care products for both human and animal healthcare. The company’s products are based on the active components of Norway spruce resin using the Resol technology developed by Repolar.

Norway spruce (Spicea abies) resin is a complex composition of naturally active components with a unique three-fold effect: a strongly bactericidic and fungicidic impact, anti-inflammatory properties, and properties that enhance wound healing. Repolar is ISO13485:2003 certified.

For further information, please contact:


Pia Qvintus, Program Director, Innovative Bioproducts Finland, Finpro +358 50 563 4129, pia.qvintus@finpro.fi Hetta Huittinen, Communications Manager, Finpro, +358 40 033 9597, hetta.huittinen@finpro.fi

Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism. Finpro comprises Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland. Finpro is a public sector operator with 240 experts serving in 37 trade centers in 31 countries and 6 regional offices in Finland. www.finpro.fi
Innovative Bioproducts Finland program is managed by Finpro. http://www.circularbioecofin.com/innovative- bioproducts



10-02-2017 Canada to benefit from the Finnish bioenergy expertise Finpro’s Waste-to-Energy & Bioenergy Growth Program (W2EB) had a successful visit to Northern Ontario in January 2017. Beyond sharing information, the delegation of five Finnish companies was looking for partners. 
Finnish delegation visiting Ontario Power Generation´s bioenergy plant.

Finnish waste-to-energy and bioenergy experts visited Northern Ontario to share ideas on small and mid-sized combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating systems. The visit included sectoral meetings, B2B meetings with local key stakeholders, as well as participation in the Building Biomass Value Chains Workshop in Thunder Bay.

Saku Liuksia, Project Manager of W2EB is very pleased with the visit. He tells that Finnish companies have an attractive market in Canada and excellent solutions to provide.

“Norther Ontario can greatly benefit from our offering. There is demand especially for small and mid-sized biomass boiler systems. With Finnish solutions e.g. First Nations can reduce their dependency on diesel, avoid skyrocketing energy costs and be able to generate new jobs.” 

Finnish bioenergy know-how gained a lot of publicity

The delegation companies were:
•    Enviroburners – designer and manufacturer of advanced industrial burner systems for energy production and environmental protection.
•    Indufor – one of the world's leading forest consulting service providers. 
•    Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd. – an organization representing bioeconomy companies based in the city of Mikkeli, Finland.
•    Simosol – provider of forest management software.
•    VTT Technical Research Centre – known for R&D, piloting and testing services related to bioenergy and waste-to-energy.

If you are keen to know what Canadians have to say about the Finnish expertise, please see the following articles:

Finnish companies share biomass ideas in Canada by Canadian Biomass Magazine
Finns offer Ontario bioeconomy solutions by Canadian Biomass Magazine
What the Finns can offer Northern Ontario’s biomass economy by Northern Ontario Business 

Neste & BELT co-operation: a pilot biorefinary to La Tuque

At the Building Biomass Value Chains Workshop in Thunder Bay, delegation member Matti Virkkunen from VTT Technical Research Centre provided an overview of what the biomass economy might look like in Canada based on a project now underway in La Tuque, Quebec.

In January 2017, Finnish company Neste and a not-for-profit company BioEnergy La Tuque (BELT) announced a partnership agreement with the objective of studying the feasibility of producing renewable diesel from forest harvest residues in La Tuque, Canada.  A demonstration biorefinery will be built to determine the feasibility of such a plant, both in terms of technical practicality and economic benefits. 

The BELT project is expected to create more than 500 jobs in the Haute-Mauricie area while supporting economic diversification. According to La Tuque Mayor Normand Beaudoin, the biorefinery is a major project to guarantee the future of La Tuque. 

“We are very happy to benefit from such a nice partnership with Finland to achieve a major society project that combines jobs creation and sustainable development,” says Beaudoin. 

Vesa Lehtonen, the Ambassador of Finland to Canada sees a lot of potential in the Finnish-Canadian co-operation.

"The BELT project is an excellent example of the potential of the economic relations between Finland, the Province of Quebec and Canada. Our companies and research institutes are searching for new innovations and prospects for investments together.”

More about the BELT project: BELT partners with Neste on biodiesel project by Canadian Biomass magazine.

23-01-2017 Six examples of Finnish Waste-to-Energy Excellency
1) Landscaping of closed landfills and dumps
Would you believe this is a former landfill and dump? In Finland the closed landfills and dumps are landscaped and used often as recreational areas. Read more about the landscaping of Vuosaari landfill from here: http://www.vihreatsylit.fi/en/?p=1515
2) Waste containers underground

It is common in Finland that waste containers are going partly underground. For example, one Molok container has 5-10 X greater capacity than conventional surface bins. Check all 5 benefits of Molok from here: http://www.molok.com/edut-ja-toimintaperiaate/

3) Utilizing waste water to produce heating and cooling

The Finnish capital Helsinki hosts the largest heat pump plant in the world to produce heat and cooling.

During summer time it could cover the most of the heat demand for Helsinki downtown. Check the record production levels with Helen’s heat pumps from here: https://www.helen.fi/en/news/2016/record/

4) Utilizing saw dust to produce bioethanol
The first facility in the world to produce cellulosic ethanol from wood sawdust is built to Finland by St1. The new plant marks the potential for commercial scale production of cellulosic ethanol in regions where plenty of softwood is available. Read more about the St1 Cellunolix plant from here: http://www.st1.eu/news/cellunolix-ethanol-plant-to-be-built-in-finland
5) Horse manure as source of energy

Did you know that horse manure can be used as source of energy? Fortum power plant in Järvenpää can utilize manure from 5000 horses, which equivalents the yearly energy demand of 2500 town houses. The concept is an environmentally sound solution to the bedding and manure issues of stables. Read more about using horse manure as source of energy from here: https://www.fortum.com/en/products-and-services/horsepower/pages/default.aspx

6) Waste shredding tyrannosauruses

Did you know that in Finland tyrannosauruses shred waste?  BMHTechnology’s TYRANNOSAURUS® Waste-to-Fuel plant turns waste into solid recovered fuel. See from here what all tyrannosaurus can “eat”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU3LoZZVhEw

21-09-2016 Doranova globally transforming waste to profitable business

Doranova is a Finnish company that offers solutions for contaminated sites remediation and production of renewable energy. Doranova's first major project abroad is done in co-operation with Vietnamese Binh Duong Water Supply, Sewerage and Environment Company Ltd (Biwase). The companies will be utilizing landfill gas for energy production. Estimated project time is 14 months, produced electrical power will be 1MW, and the project investment is EUR 6 million.

"Finnish waste treatment technologies are popular around the world. We have been very satisfied with the waste treatment line solution provided by Finnish Ferroplan at the first stage of landfill renewal project and our employees have been happy to work with the Finns. We wanted to have a Finnish company also at this second stage of the project", tells Nguyen Thi Thu Van, Deputy General Director of Biwase.

Ms. Van is pleased to have Doranova as the chosen partner.

"Doranova's technology suits very well the operations, and I'm hoping that co-operation would continue also after this project."

Reference facility in Vietnam facilitating business

Doranova has two main business areas: remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater and production of renewable energy focusing on biogas and landfill gas projects. The operation market is mainly in Finland, but renewable energy projects abroad are becoming more and more important. The company is seeking growth from Asia and Africa.

Mikko Saalasti, Division Manager of Doranova, tells that the project with Biwase is really important for Doranova.

"It will be extremely beneficial for us to have a reference facility in Vietnam. It will be much easier to demonstrate our solutions at the market than inviting customers to Finland", Mr. Saalasti rejoices.

Doranova has 14 employees at the moment. All of them are situated in Finland. Thanks to the Biwase-Doranova project and the reference facility, Saalasti believes that opening a new office in Vietnam might be possible in the near future.

Assistance from Team Finland

Finnish and Vietnamese governments have been involved in the project. Doranova-Biwase co-operation project is financed with concessional credits. Mikko Saalasti sees Finnish government's support, prestige services and financial aid, as an important factor in international competition.

"We compete against companies coming from countries in which government heavily supports development co-operation. We see that it is essential that Finland can do the same".

Saalasti is pleased with the business partnership support Doranova has received from Finnpartnership for exploration of business possibilities in Asia and Africa.

Saalasti gives credits also to Waste-to-Energy and bioenergy growth program (W2EB). The Team Finland growth program, managed by Finpro, produces market surveys, arranges fact-finding and delegation trips and buyer meetings, delivers materials of Finnish joint offering, arranges trainings and seminars, and in overall helps to get visibility and save time and expenses.

"We are happy to be able to participate at joint Finland stands at bioeconomy fairs. This way we receive visibility we could never get by having a booth alone. Also the time we are able to save, thanks to W2EB for taking care of arrangements, is really valuable for us."

31-10-2016 EFIB conference in Glasgow: successful event for Finnish biotech companies

MetGen wins the John Sime Award for biotechnology



The stand representing Innovative Bioproducts from Finland was a collaboration of Finpro, Tekes – The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Joensuu Science Park and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

MetGen won the John Sime Award for Most Innovative New Technology at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB). Also other Finnish biotech companies received important visibility and contacts, among them Paptic, whose recyclable, bio-based and biodegradable bags attracted visitors to the Finnish stand.

Finpro’s Innovative Bioproducts growth program showcased Finnish bioproduct and technology companies at the EFIB conference in Glasgow, Scotland on 18-20 October, 2016. The conference is an annual EU meeting place for business and policy on industrial biotech and the biobased economy. It is one of the key industry events.

Pia Qvintus, Program Manager of Innovative Bioproducts program is extremely pleased with the conference and the visibility Finnish products received.

“Our stand attracted a lot of interested visitors. We were glad to represent all our 18 growth program companies. MetGen’s product, customised industrial enzymes speeding up processes in the pulp and paper industry, is a perfect example of Finnish companies’ innovativeness and competence. It was a great thing that MetGen won the John Sime Award. It will help them in their internationalisation.”

The winner was selected by the Forum’s participants, comprised of biotechnology professionals, investors and decision-makers, among others. Matti Heikkilä, MetGen’s Chief Technology Officer believes that the award will help the company to find partners.

“Small companies like us in the biotechnology sector do accept even great challenges and, thereby, risks, in their quest to change the world. We are also taking the industrial sector in a more sustainable direction and pointing the way for large-scale operators. Our open-minded approach and our team’s consummate competence appealed to the Forum’s audience. We are genuinely flattered by the award. It is important for us to be open to cooperation and find skillful partners.”

Paptic offers alternative to non-renewable oil-based plastic

Pia Qvintus tells that the event was really beneficial for MetGen and Paptic. Both companies got the possibility to pitch their products to important investors: BASF VC, S’InvesTec, Capricorn Venture Capital, Emerald Technology Ventures and Sofinnova Partners.

Qvintus sees a lot of potential in Paptic, a start-up company developing, producing and marketing innovative woodbased packaging material. Paptic’s recyclable, bio-based and biodegradable material offers alternative to non-renewable oil-based plastics.

“The first commercial application of Paptic’s material involves a replacement for plastic bags. Demand for Paptic’s product has increased as a result of the bans and restrictions on plastic bags that are becoming increasingly widespread in various countries.”

Also Finland's largest sparring program for SME companies, Kasvu Open, has noticed Paptic’s potential. Paptic was selected among ten Finnish companies with the most promising prospects for growth.

Opening up the bottlenecks in the growth of bioeconomy companies

Thanks to large-scale operators in the pulp and paper industry, the bioeconomy has a long tradition in Finland. New technologies and increasingly strict regulations have opened up plenty of new bioeconomy opportunities, which are being seized particularly eagerly by innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

According to Qvintus, Finland has in addition to MetGen and Paptic, a number of small companies that represent innovative, first-rate competence. These companies are looking for international growth. Innovative Bioproducts growth program, backed up by Finpro’s Invest in Finland unit, has a significant role in matchmaking the companies with potential investors and in finding new, growing international markets.  The main target market countries are Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA, UK, Sweden, Russia and Japan.

“Companies in the bioeconomy industry have developed new ways to create value-added products as well as energy and resource-efficient processes and technologies for their customers. These companies are in a growth phase and share challenges involving the start-up of production, for example, as well as financing and international growth. The companies’ own resources are largely tied up in product development and production, due to which they are not necessarily able to build international partnerships and sales on their own in several markets in the long term.”

The companies involved in the programme are satisfied. MetGen’s Heikkilä gives credit to Finpro.

“We have just launched sales in our main market and will now aim to scale this into larger growth. Finpro’s help and knowledge on networking and entering new export markets has been very important for us. Finland possesses a vast amount of first-rate biotechnology know-how, but no-one is going to come over here and carry us away. Rather, we have to be bold, enter the international arena together and make ourselves known.”

24-11-2016 Internet of Things as Enabler for Growth in Energy sector

How could solutions utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) help companies operating in more traditional industries to create incremental customer value? 

This was one of the main questions to be answered in common workshop for companies in Finpro’s Waste to Energy and Bioenergy (W2EB) and Capitalize your knowledge (CYK) growth programs. The target was to find new business models and develop synergies, which would be beneficial for both industries.

After insightful pitching round, group discussions on concrete ideas took place

The topic was seen very relevant and the workshop outcomes were seen highly beneficial. It is considered especially important for SMEs to get involved into IoT to keep up with current development. IoT opportunities for energy companies businesses were concretized with practical examples. As a next step discussions will continue in smaller groups to take business ideas further. The company feedback for the workshop was excellent with overall grade of 4,5/5.

”Workshop was a positive surprise. We have been searching for this kind of solutions and it was good to see that there are excellent IoT companies and promising know-how in Finland” says Hannu Jokinen, Managing Director of Molok. Company provides high capacity waste collection and is a member of Waste to Energy and Bioenergy Growth Program.

”There were both large and small companies present in the workshop. We found good contacts and developed concrete business ideas. This also helps us to present our offering in the right angle, says Juha Istolahti, Sales Manager of Eatech. The Capitalize your Knowledge member company offers customer-based software development covering the whole life cycle from the idea up to maintenance.

More information:

Helena Sarén, Program Director, Waste to Energy and Bioenergy Growth Program, helena.saren@finpro.fi, tel. +358 40 343 3324

Reijo Smolander, Program Director, Capitalize your Knowledge Growth Program, reijo.smolander@finpro.fi, tel. +358 40 552 9681

21-11-2016 Finland Pavilion is a success for companies at Building Green

Cleantech Finland and Innovative Bioproducts Finland growth programs took six top Finnish high-performance buildings companies(Air D, Ensavetec, Exel Composites, Lumir, OptiWatti, Wall+) to showcase Finland’s world-class solutions at Building Green 2016 fair in Copenhagen on 2-3 November 2016. Finnish expertise was showcased at the Team Finland stand under the theme “Green, cool and intelligent living”. In addition, a Cleantech Thursday networking happening was organized, gathering an excellent crowd to close the event.

To make the event a success for the companies, a clear Finland Pavilion visual identity was created, a press release was delivered to the B2B media and a social media campaign was planned. The whole team got together before the event to discuss companies’ targets, hear what kinds of contacts they were looking for and simply to get to know each other better. 

Read more about the Finnish Pavilion:



26-10-2016 Country focus: Finland a world leader in the forest bio-economy

Finland is Europe’s most heavily forested country with 86% of its land area – 23 million hectares – under forest cover.

In fact, Finland’s historical development into one of the world’s most prosperous countries is to a great degree based on our ability to utilize this renewable natural resource, our green gold. Today Finland’s innovative and dynamic forest industry cluster consists of more than 50 pulp and paper mills and over 240 other production sites for wood products. The biggest Finnish forest industry companies are global players and lead the development and production of new, higher value added bio-based products.

Read more:



27-10-2016 Innovative bioproduct company Paptic awarded for the most promising growth prospects Finland's largest sparring program for SME companies, Kasvu Open, granted the Kasvu Open Gaselli Award for the first time yesterday 26 October in Jyväskylä, Finland. Kasvu Open selected ten Finnish companies with the most promising prospects for growth to join a visit to Silicon Valley for five days in January 2017. Innovative bioproduct company Paptic was chosen as one of the awarded.

Paptic is a Finnish start-up company developing, producing and marketing innovative woodbased packaging material. PAPTIC® material is an alternative to non-renewable oil-based plastics. It is renewable, recyclable, re-usable and resource efficient. The most important component of PAPTIC® is sustainably sourced wood fibre. The material can be converted by paper and plastic converting lines enabling multitude of product applications. The first target of PAPTIC® are the carrier bags of sustainability oriented brand owners and retailers. The scalable business model is based on exploitation of existing paper industry infrastructure.

During visit to Silicon Valley the winner companies will receive a tailor-made schedule for their growth plans, opportunities to network with local investors and take part in intensive sparring and workshops with top experts. The companies will also gain visibility on Nasdaq's video screen on Times Square in New York. The Kasvu Open Gaselli Award is made possible by Nasdaq, Boardman 2020, Finnair, East Consulting Oy, KPMG, Sherpa and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

01-09-2016 Two great bioeconomy companies to represent Finland The Finnish preselection for the EFIB PitchFest programme "EFIB Pitchfest Finland 2016" was held at the beginning of June at Joensuu Science Park.

European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB) conference is annual EU meeting place for business and policy on industrial biotech and the biobased economy. Held on 18-20 October in Glasgow, Scotland, the conference will provide around 600 delegates with insights from over 100 speakers around biobased industry. EFIB PitchFest 2016 is a programme of investor-ready support for innovative SME's seeking a potential EUR 1 million investment for their business.

The Finnish preselection for the EFIB PitchFest programme "EFIB Pitchfest Finland 2016" was held at the beginning of June at Joensuu Science Park. Nine Finnish SME's - Metgen, Plasthill, MHG Systems, Paptic, DME Fuels, Infinited Fiber Company, Green Fuel Nordic, Finnenergia and Eevia - pitched to a judging panel of investors. At the end of the two-day Pitchfest Finland event two excellent Finnish bioeconomy companies, Paptic and Metgen, got selected to represent Finland in Glasgow. All participating Finnish SMEs have been taken through a programme of pitch training provided by Joensuu Science Park Ltd.

Check short videos of Paptic and Metgen from the FinproFinland Youtube-site.

More information:

Kukka-Maaria Hietamies
Program Coordinator, Innovative Bioproducts
email. kukka-maaria.hietamies(a)finpro.fi
tel. +358 50 407 3048

15-09-2016 Innovative Bioproducts member company Metgen as one of finalists for ”Most innovative EU Biotech SME 2016” award Among the seven finalists is (Innovative Bioproducts growth program member / Finnish company) Metgen, which develops cost-effective industrial enzymes that can be easily adopted to any required changes and parameters in industrial production.
EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, has announced the finalists for its "Most Innovative European Biotech SME" awards. Among the seven finalists is Innovative Bioproducts growth program member Metgen, which develops cost-effective industrial enzymes that can be easily adopted to any required changes and parameters in industrial production.

The target of the award is to recognize innovative biotech SMEs and the crucial role they play in answering some of society's greatest challenges. The award winner will be announced during SME Day event in the European Biotech Week (September 26th-October 2nd).

Both winners and runner-ups will join other biotech SMEs to engage with experts from the venture capital community, the European Medicines Agency, and the European Investment Bank.

Sources: EuropaBio, Biotech SME awards

02-09-2016 Finnish Eera Waste Refining to sign a a contract with the largest waste management company in Chile The Finnish company Eera Waste Refining Ltd (EWR) and the Chilean company KDM Empresas signed an investment project development agreement to explore and develop investment projects for utilizing the municipal waste streams and minimizing the waste ending up to landfills in Chile.

The Finnish company Eera Waste Refining Ltd (EWR) and the Chilean company KDM Empresas signed an investment project development agreement to explore and develop investment projects for utilizing the municipal waste streams and minimizing the waste ending up to landfills in Chile. As KDM Empresas is the largest waste management company in Chile, this is an important market opening for Finland.

Waste to Energy and Bioenergy Growth Program and other Team Finland players have been an active support for Eera Waste Refining, when they have been investigating Chilean market and meeting potential partners in the country. With the Finnish technologies and solutions it is possible to reduce the waste ending up to landfills by 80%.

More information about the Waste to Energy and Bioenergy Growth Program:

Helena Saren
Program Director, Waste to Energy and Bioenergy Growth Program
email. helena.saren@finpro.fi
tel. +358 403 433 324