Wood and plant-based extracts can be used as organic raw materials in various health care and cosmetic products. In Finland there are some companies focusing on the production of natural extracts and their use in various applications.

Natural ingredients have been used in skin care for centuries. Nowadays, they are again becoming more prevalent in cosmetic formulations, due to consumer concerns about synthetic ingredients and chemical substances.

Cosmeceuticals are the fastest growing sector of the cosmetic industry, and the future of antiaging cosmeceuticals in particular is very promising. Botanical extracts that support the health, texture and integrity of the skin, hair and nails are widely used in cosmetic formulations. They form the largest category of cosmeceutical additives found in the marketplace today due to the rising consumer interest and demand for natural products. Various plant extracts that formed the basis of medical treatments in ancient civilizations and many traditional cultures are still used today in cleansers, moisturizers, astringents, and many other skin care products.

Forest of Lapland and Naviter Cosmetics are examples of Finnish companies that use natural plant and berry extracts for innovative organic cosmetic formulations.

Finnish company Repolar is producing spruce pitch formulations for human wound and skin care and for animal care. The use of high-quality natural coniferous resin as the main raw material is based on scientific evidence and its efficacy is proven in clinical studies.