Waste and Biomass Processing

Collection and logistics are important parts of energy production processes – whether the source is wood, other biomass, industrial side streams or waste. The raw material is often scattered over a larger geographical area and requires a well-developed logistics chain. In many value chains the raw material requires extensive or some degree of processing.

For example, bioethanol or biodiesel production from wood raw material requires extensive processing before it is ready for production. In some cases the processing may also take place in an earlier production phase. For example, wood fuel may be chipped already on the harvesting site ready for collection.

In Finland, solid fuel and biomass handling is at a very high level. For investment profitability and environmentally sound projects, we have world-class expertise in areas such as:

  • Fuel receiving, screening, crushing, storage, reclaiming & conveying systems
  • Fuel feeding and ash handling systems
  • SRF (Solid recovered fuel) handling
  • Recovery boiler, lime kiln and smelting plant conveyor systems
  • Wood rooms, chip and bark storage, screening, receiving and conveying

With the Finnish companies you can find the most beneficial solutions for high-quality fuel streams also for cogeneration and SRF usage. With our solutions you can increase power efficiency and recycle metal and other valuable substances.